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Another Reason Sites Like Fool.com Are More For Herding: 77 Reasons You’re Awful at Managing Money

Here we go again.  Nothing like wasting time reading a stranger’s view about what is wrong with you – okay Morgan, I admit it, I read it.  Rather than a link, I had to get this whole pile of nonsense posted.  Sites like fool.com appeal to those who like to follow the herd.  I have found that news sites cloud the mind when it comes to trading/investing.  There is no greater truth than price and your own opinion is what matters.  If you bought and sold and made a profit, then you are doing better than most professionals.

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More Retail Investor Industry Nonsensical Crap – The Mutual Fund Fee That May Be Good For You

If you have an extra ten minutes, please read the media nonsense  below.

Handing your money over to mutual fund companies in the form of redemption fees or any fee for that matter is of no benefit to the individual investor.  Articles such as the one below posted by The Associated Press are a form of professional lying and the intent of these articles is even more sinister – to rip off hard working individuals who invest in mutual funds with these types of “bilk the client” fees.

Stan Choe, AP Business Writer 7:30 a.m. EST January 25, 2014

Research shows that funds with redemption fees tend to do better than those without them.  – Bull — “… It’s not a lie if you believe it…”, George Costanza –

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FOR REAL: T. Rowe Price BANS American Airlines Employees From Trading Their Own Accounts

T. Rowe Price Group Inc has permanently banned about 1,300 American Airlines employees from trading among its funds in their 401(k) retirement plans, an absurd move to block trading by subscribers to an investment newsletter.

About 800 additional employees have received warning letters about their trading patterns, according to sources at the airline and at JPMorgan Chase, administrator of the retirement plan.Click to Read More →

You Could Have Saved A Bundle – The NASDAQ100 Said Get Out Of Apple In September.

The chart below is the NASDAQ100 hourly chart overlaid with an hourly Apple (AAPL) chart.   Notice how well the two correlate.

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Are Gasoline Prices Ready To Drop – Again?

Gasoline at the pump has jumped across the US in recent weeks, climbing back to nearly $4.00 a gallon in some states.   Many attribute gas price increases to the jump in recent oil prices.  Some attribute the jump in gas prices to increased consumption due to summer time travel.

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