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UPDATED: SPX Inverted Relationship With The USD – With USD Up Sharply – SPX Ready To Tank

We posted the same on September 30.  Here we are almost two months later with no give.  Each day, the currencies traded in the USD amount to about $5.3T – yes, that’s each day.  A 10% move in the S&P500 represents about $500B.  And now we know why it is so each for Yellen and her Fed cronies to push this market around.  For how long?   Probably until it breaks.

USD SPX 20141124 UPDATED:  SPX Inverted Relationship With The USD – With USD Up Sharply – SPX Ready To Tank


NASDAQ100 Will Determine The Price And Direction Of Apple

We’ve endured six years of Fed interference and here we are today – approaching all time highs in the indexes and all time highs in Apple.  We overlaid Apple on the NDX on April 21, 2012 and August 30, 2012.  Notice the correlation?  And when markets tank after Yellen’s rambling tomorrow at 200p, we should expect markets to rocket and roll over by Friday or Monday of next week – and guess what?  You can expect Apple to do the same.Click to Read More →

SPX Inverted Relationship With The USD – With USD Up Sharply – SPX Ready To Tank

We have mentioned this inverted relationship a number of times over the months.  This is not a “mechanical relationship”.  There is often a lead or lag period.  Now that the USD has turned up sharply, the question becomes, “how long will it take the SPX to invert and move  downward?”.  Now that Yellen has chosen to exit POMO and has limited capabilities using reverse REPO (RRP), our guess is that a severe market reversal is not far off and in the order of greater than ten percent before any signs of consolidation or retracement.  Thanks Vincent.
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Another Reason Sites Like Fool.com Are More For Herding: 77 Reasons You’re Awful at Managing Money

Here we go again.  Nothing like wasting time reading a stranger’s view about what is wrong with you – okay Morgan, I admit it, I read it.  Rather than a link, I had to get this whole pile of nonsense posted.  Sites like fool.com appeal to those who like to follow the herd.  I have found that news sites cloud the mind when it comes to trading/investing.  There is no greater truth than price and your own opinion is what matters.  If you bought and sold and made a profit, then you are doing better than most professionals.

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Beware Experts Bearing Predictions – A GREAT READ

After reading, say “welcome to reality”.  While it could be argued that we provide “predictions”, our service is focused on posting charts and interpreting indicators tied to market prices that are statistical in nature.  Our few words are there as an opinion, but the charts are there for your own interpretations too.

If you want control over your returns, you have to learn how do it yourself.  It really is that simple.  And what makes it more simple is that the tools to do this are online and in many cases are free.  Times have changed.Click to Read More →

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