NASDAQ100 Weekly Climbs Almost 5% – Simply Astounding

NASDAQ100 Weekly -

The NASDAQ100 weekly finished up almost 5%.  Stocks continue to price higher based on government tax hikes and ongoing overspending.  Q4 2012 results are due starting mid January – this should be entertaining.  The MACD has hooked, but still shows bearish.  We could be in for some new twelve year – yes twelve year highs if markets find enough momentum next week to push higher.  Channel resistance has been broken – bullish.  The endless streams of bad news and political action-less banter continues out of Washington and Europe – Spain is now emptying their pensions to buy back their debt – in short, no more German bailouts – and the markets climb higher.  The 8 period moving average has hooked up - bullish.  Once this push up end, we expect a substantially bigger drop to follow as Q4 reporting takes effect.  The first line of support that should break in January is near 2900.

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